March 28, 2021

The end game


In the beginning, everything is innovation. The pace at which ideas get spun into action, the energy in the team, the tight communication, we’re making it up as we go along and it’s … fabulous. Later, it slows down. It turns out actions aren’t as easy as ideas and everything that gets done takes longer, is more work, involves cul de sacs, and is a bit more dog-workish mundane as you work through the details.

It’s easy to get frustrated, and look back through a warm glow at the old days.

Thing is, this is innovation. It’s not about ideas, ideas are easy. It’s about building ideas into reality and seeing them absorbed and assimilated into a new version of the every day.

The old days might have been easier, but the fun is in the meaning of the end game.

Skippy strategy: Innovation is about changing the world, not brainstorming.