June 18, 2019

Column two


There are two kinds of things to be done, the things you have to do and the things you want to do.

Which takes precedence? The column headed Have To.

These are all the commitments you’ve made whether you wanted to or not, the contractual obligations, the stuff you promised because you’re a people pleaser, the things you signed up to when you took the job, the last thing you said before you left the house this morning.

The deal is … you do these things to keep everybody on board.

With any time you have left, the Want To column.

This isn’t about weekends (although it definitely includes them), it’s about the things you do when you have discretionary time. And it’s here that you make the leaps, invent new things, make plans for the day after tomorrow.

Skippy strategy: Keep column one in order to maximise column two.