June 19, 2019

The breach


Something went wrong. With the process or the product or the relationship. Now it’s broken. Not everything can be repaired, but more than you think. If it’s worth saving – and that’s a value judgement – the time to do it is straight away. Today. Now.

Leave it longer and the break will oxidise. The edges will round. Water and dirt will creep into what was a clean break.

Work out what’s gone wrong with the process and take immediate steps so the impact is minimal, maybe just this one time. If you don’t, you’re building in weakness from this point forward.

If it’s a product or a thing, seal up the breach as best you can. Take it apart if you have to, investigate for further weaknesses. Deal with what you find.

If it’s a relationship, get over yourself, the anger, the anguish the discomfort. Make the call.

Skippy strategy: Fix it.