July 8, 2019

Connective tissue


The toe bone is definitely connected to the neck bone.

Every new feature, new process, new person you bring into your team, there are consequences. The feature needs designing and building and training and marketing and pricing and selling and billing and helping and supporting. Everything connected to everything else. Which means, think carefully about taking on new features (or processes or people) – because it’s not (just) about the feature.

Whilst you’re at it – thinking about all the ways everything is connected – don’t forget how they’re connected. Don’t forget to make sure each of the links knows they’re about to get tugged. Don’t forget that a little upstream change here might cause a big downstream impact there. Don’t forget to bring everyone who needs to be inside the loop, inside the loop.

Because when that tour bus arrives, everyone better be prepped and at their station.

Skippy strategy: Connective tissue.