March 16, 2017

Customers will talk


Customers will talk.

They talk about you, your products, their cares, their frustrations. Listen more carefully, they’ll teach you how to talk to them. Whatever you do, customers can’t stop themselves having opinions and sharing them.

Sometimes, they’ll tell you not to talk to them. By body language, by hinting, by words, by actions. When they say that … you better pay attention.

Most times, if you listen carefully, and they’ll tell you things you didn’t know. What they do and don’t like about you, your product, they way you market. What they think about your sector, your proposition, your competitors. Why they chose you, why they didn’t. Where and when and how they want to buy. What language to use. Their frustrations, irritations, problems they need to solve and ways their life could be better … if only someone would help.

Skippy strategy: Customers will talk, and you should listen.