March 15, 2017

Never lorem ipsum


Dealing in concepts – Yep. Yep. We need one of those and probably some of that and somehow we’ll make it fit together. Let’s just fill it with lorem ipsum for now so everyone can see that we’ll get back to it. And then we actually will come back to it later. And everything will be great. What’s next?

Hang on.

Concepts are lovely and everything but lorem ipsum never takes you anywhere. You need to articulate the thought, hang it out there, make it real, let it breathe and grow, invite buy-in and criticism, allow evolution, collaborate, get passionate, roll it around and see how it feels to you and whoever else matters.

Never unthought thoughts.

Real thoughts, real outputs.

Something to bounce around and spring from.

Something that actually moves things forward, even if it “wastes” five minutes to get it down.

Skippy strategy: Make it real.