March 14, 2017

Moving so fast


There’s so much to do at the beginning of things. You’re spinning plates, running at a thousand miles an hour, bulldozing your way. Leaving seven kinds of carnage as you overcome the next challenge and the next and the next.

Some things, you promise you’ll come back to when you’re not moving so fast. Fix ‘em up. Think ’em through. Do a proper job.

A year later, most are still in place. Held together with sealing wax and string, propped up, handled with kid gloves so they don’t fall apart when you breathe.

Things like … the people around you … the technology choices … the mission and vision and values … the market … the website … the proposition … the product. The big stuff. Woven in.

All functional, but some are made of chocolate and ready to collapse at the next hint of pressure, or the next.

Take the time to look again.

Skippy strategy: Double-check the big stuff.