February 13, 2017

Don’t forget the R


With so many imperatives and initiatives and ideas, not to mention customers who come up with a bunch of demands of their own, it can be overwhelming just keeping up with day-to-day development. Squashing bugs and full-on version upgrades, developing new products and introducing new services, improving internal processes and upgrading operations, coaching the team and freeing the wheels.

Developing the business is D for Demanding all your time and attention if you let it.

But don’t forget the R of R&D. Research has a longer reach and less immediate time-frame. What could be? What might come over the horizon? What fields are opening up? What technology will be mainstream tomorrow? If we ignored sunk costs, what would be do differently?

Without the R, the D is likely to be reactive, tactical, pragmatic, unsurprising … and maybe redundant, sidelined.

Skippy strategy: Keep ahead of the curve.