November 5, 2017

First the boulders


Assuming you know where you’re going – and that your words about that picture are relatively clear – the next question … what are you going to do about it?

That’s probably a couple of hundred (or thousand) questions wrapped up in eight words, so break it down like an old-time rock-crew; the mountain into boulders into rocks into stones you can move around and build things with.

First the boulders – the lumpy parts of the strategic plan. Major milestones, version releases, first-customer-ship dates, the business units you’ll need and the org chart you’ll build along the way. All on a timescale you can only just imagine.

Then the rocks – the intermediate map you’ll walk along the way from here to the first major milestone, and maybe the one after that. Three months to a year.

Then the stones – what you’ll work on this week, this month, this year. The next hundred days.

Skippy strategy: Break it down.