October 14, 2020

Get prickly


There will be delays. Things will get prickly. The technologies won’t deliver. The suppliers will be late and the customers indecisive. Of course.

When things go wrong, there are only two questions. What will you do, and how will you communicate?

On the first, assuming you’ve done a decent job up to now, you’ll get surprisingly wide latitude to sort things out. Everyone knows that fixes aren’t necessarily easy and can’t be grabbed by the ears. They’ll give you time, they’ll be understanding, they’ll work with you and they’ll do their best to hold their impatience in check.

Which is true, if, only if, you do well at the second. Resolution is all about action, but to give the action time and space, it’s all about communication.

Tell them early, keep them updated, update them some more, not just the what but the why.

Skippy strategy: Issues need action and communications.