September 1, 2019

Great question


Maybe you’ve had that question before. Maybe a hundred time. Maybe more. It’s easy and natural to feel a little irritated, especially if you’re working your way up or down the same organisation and keep hearing the same ol’ same ol’.

Your inner reaction might be one of irritation, again! Get over it.

The thing is, no matter how many times you’ve heard that question, it’s the first time that person has asked it … and your working assumption has to be that they genuinely want to know the answer.

Don’t treat the question as barbs … just a desire to know something about you, your product, your proposition, your project, your world. And give them what they ask for.

“Great question. Let me tell you about …”

Because if you don’t, if you give way to irritation, so will they.

Skippy strategy: Take every question at face value, and offer a genuine smile.