January 26, 2023

Head turned


It’s easy to look outside your own organisation, and have your head turned by others that seem like they’re doing better than yours. Of course, you’re looking at them from the outside too – from where all you can see is the shiny facade and all you can hear is what they want you to hear. In other words, you’ll gain no insights from the outside because you have no chance of looking in.

More important, there’s nothing worth seeing there anyway. If they do something brilliantly, and you copy them (which you probably can’t) all you’d ever be is a copy cat. And that’s no way to stand out and build a skippy team.

Forget them. Start in the mirror and then with everyone around your own table. Who are you, what are you trying to do, what’s your own winning formula?

Skippy strategy: You won’t find the answers outside.