December 10, 2015

How many things?


Large organisations can push through many projects at the same time. They have project managers and divisional heads, and team leaders, and functional experts and can pull in as much external help as they can find. It’s all about resources.

And resources are always limited. There are only so many project managers or heads or leaders or experts or helpers. At some point, from lone wolf to global gorilla, everyone butts against capacity. We all have more things to do than the time or people or cash to make them happen.

One answer – nudge everything along, all of the time. Believe that with an eternal clock, even one person can build a cathedral.

The other answer – focus. Choose to do the fewest things that have the most impact, however you measure. Most happiness, most profit, most change, most glory, most mind expanding, most revenue, most health.

It’s not about being busy, or having lots of interests, it’s about impact.

Skippy Strategy: Your list of big things to do? Which one comes first? Focus there.