September 28, 2022

In stride

Not everything goes exactly as you’d like it. Even when you have all your ducks lined up in neat little rows, even when it’s five o’clock on a Friday, even when ever t has been crossed, in triplicate, even then … things can still change. In the end, it’s not about your ducks, it’s about living in a dynamic and flexible world when something or someone new will appear and throw every duck in the air. Hey ho.

Obviously you’ll deal with it. You always deal with it. The question is more about how. Like a pro who rolls with the punches, or like a French hotelier who huffs and blows and hurumphs and rolls is eyes and taps every keystroke grudgingly?

With a smile, with a welcome, with an we’ve-got-this confidence that no matter what the lemons might prefer, it’s a delight.

Skippy strategy: Take it all in stride.