September 27, 2022

Time away


Taking time away from the day to day makes you better at the day to day.

Take a break. This minute if you can, A day next week if that’s possible. Maybe a week (or a month) with a bit of planning. You need downtime. You need to empty your head of all the day to day responsibilities and give yourself time to chill. That’s not because it’s nice, it’s not because a change is as good as a rest, it’s not just so you convince yourself you have some kind of work-life balance. It’s because you’ll come back a better worker, better manager, better whatever.

The biggest win comes from doing things you’ll never have to explain. No one’s watching, nobody cares. It’s just you and your time. Empty your head, shuck the responsibility.

Skippy strategy: Take a moment or a month without having to justify everything. That’s relaxation.