February 6, 2017

In the basement

Palm Springs

It’s easy to forget what you’re doing.

Not the task at hand (although, some people!), but what makes the whole thing work.

In the beginning … an organisation finds its success built on many planks. All fitting with reasonable integrity to hold things together. If you’re lucky, that happens early and stays true for long enough to build a critical mass that sustains you in some lean times.

Time passes.

People forget the planks that underpin everything. They take liberties with the decision making discipline or the core proposition or the business model or the vision or …

And … things begin to rumble deep down in the basement.

And … little cracks appear that are difficult to see and easy to ignore.

And if it goes on … bigger cracks can threaten the structure.

If you forget.

So don’t.

Remind yourself why, before you change how.

Skippy strategy: Change knowingly, understand the basement.