April 19, 2021

Innovators’ skill

Coney Island

Bringing new things to the world, there’s one person who’s more motivated than any other to see the good, to imagine the upside, to invest in the future. That person is you. Because you’re so inclined, you’re also the most likely person to blow through objections, to minimise weakness, to ignore the issues, and to give an easy break when the message isn’t quite connecting.

Because you can see it, you imagine everyone else can see it, and when they can’t, you colour their opinion with their lack of imagination, or intelligence, or listening skills, or some other thing about them rather than about you or your proposition.

You’re thinking, what’s wrong with them? They’re thinking, next!

The point: it’s not about you or what you think, it’s about them. Find out what they think and why. Really listen. Then work with that.

Skippy strategy: The innovators’ skill is listening.