November 19, 2019

Invest in progress


It’s a pretty simple idea. Progress.

Things that take us from where we are today to where we want to get to tomorrow or the day after.

Step one is to work out what or where or when that tomorrow will be. So far so management offsite. Easy. As easy as a day in the diary and use of an expense account. Call it vision, call it strategy, call it hanging-ten – as long as you get to the end of the day with some place to be.

Next, the hard part.

Actual progress.

Actual step by step by step progress.

Actual do different things to get different results progress. 

Actual actions that will move the stick rather than just talk about moving it progress.

How to do that? Invest in progress.

Skippy strategy: Nurture the day to day, of course, but invest time and money and attention in getting to tomorrow.