October 31, 2021

It’s a thrill


In the middle of the firefight all you care about is beating back the flames and getting everything as near to normal as possible. For most of us, if we admit it, it’s a thrill. Dealing with issues in real time with short decision loops and immediate impact. It’s the kind of thing that got us noticed, that put us in our chair, and that we quickly, easily, gladly, guiltily fall back into when the shout goes up.

After the fire, with things as near to normal as possible, it’s easy to get back to business as usual – until the next shout.

The game now though, in our chair, is to find the reasons behind the fire, to deal with root causes and make sure the same issues can’t produce the same result. 

Skippy strategy: It’s not about the fire, or about business as usual, it’s about making things better.