October 30, 2021

The simplest answer


Sometimes, most times, the answer is simpler than the problem.

Like when the broken computer isn’t broken, it just needs a new power pack.

Like when the dysfunctional team isn’t dysfunctional, it’s just one member and they’d be of much more value somewhere else.

Like when the system doesn’t perform, but it’s really the operator.

Like when all the engineers are scratching their heads, and someone kicks it back into place.

Like when you’re struggling to understand the research, and all you need to do is ask.

Like when you keep trying A, because you want the answer to be A, and you keep building more and more systems to prop up A, but you know and everyone else knows that the answer is B, and that with B everything will become simple again.

Like when you know.

Skippy strategy: For every problem, start by looking for the simplest answer.