February 11, 2018

It’s obvious


There’s always someone who thinks it’s obvious.

The problem: nobody else agrees with the “obvious”.

The symptoms: everyone pulling in slightly different directions, frustrating meetings, saying “in my head, it looks lie this”, terms interpreted differently, poking diagrams into different shapes so they fit with a personal vision, long discussions about priorities, “it’s always been …”.

The diagnosis: lack of clarity and cohesion on destination or direction or travel, no shared vision, no buy in.

The two possible solutions:

– Travel by diktat. Tell everyone what to do. Forget the Why.

– Push past the “obvious” conversation killers. Open it up. Accept that going fast sometimes means going slow. Then go slow. Do what ever it takes, take as long as is necessary, get the clarity, to get the cohesion.

The next step: talk it out.

Skippy strategy: When the obvious isn’t so obvious … clear your diary, gather around the whiteboard.