August 29, 2019

Learn with candour


The project’s is over, or the work package, or the sales call, or the whatever, and it’s time for the post event debrief. This is the time for honest and unvarnished analysis of what was said, what was done, and how it went. It’s not time for point scoring, defensive positioning or post rationalisations.

The point is learning. The point is working out how things happened and what can be done different or better next time around.

Take the path of open questions and open answers, space, vulnerability – and, accepting that it isn’t always going to be a comfortable conversation, by pushing through the discomfort all the same.

If you can … do it with parties from all sides of the table.

If you can’t … take baby steps … internal only … push for candour, push for learning, push for improvement.

Skippy strategy: Learn with candour, pushing through the discomfort.