April 7, 2020

Like acquiescence


Whenever you hire people, you try to hire good people. For most of us, the debate is about what good people means. Some of us like acquiescence. Doh! Some like feistiness, or grit, or smarts, or experience, or expertise, or a strong work ethic, or some other special thing – and will settle for a broad approximation of enough in combination.

Then what?

Some of us (the acquiescence valuers) like them to do what they tell them to do.

Some of us (the smart ones) like them to do their thing. We don’t tell them how, we don’t stand in their path. We give them a What and a Why and get out of the way.

Then what?

Some of us (you know who) use their Senior Manager Override, and destroy motivation.

Some of us (that’s you) help them be successful.

Skippy strategy: A What and a Why, and get out of the way.