December 7, 2021

Long run


When you’re working on something, it’s easy to get swallowed by the manoeuvring as much as the purpose. You know you want to build the product, win the deal, have a successful launch – that’s the objective. But you get obsessed that you have to win the argument on the product choices, maximise the price, get your way on the launch – and lose sight of what you’re really trying to do and how it fits into the bigger picture.

It’s all or nothing.

In reality, it’s probably more than all you imagined. Take a step back, listen, actually listen to all the feedback. Build on top of your original idea, expose more value, focus that launch on the sum of all the good ideas (not just your own).

You don’t have to win at every junction, every encounter. It’s always a marathon.

Skippy strategy: Win over time, for the long run.