November 5, 2016

Love milkshakes


Love ‘em, (actually, yes) or hate ‘em, you know what you think about milkshakes.

A milky sugary smoothie(!). A dieters nightmare. A kid’s treat. Entertainment on the drive. Cool pleasure on a hot day.

You know. It’s already there. Tucked away.

Create a new milkshake, you’re half way home … Oh, it’s one of those, I know what I think about that.

Introducing something or someone entirely new to the world, there’s nothing to build on.

It’s tempting to focus on the new thing – product, service, system, process, company – and let its brilliance do the rest.

Might work. Probably not. You have to build mindshare. Create and take hold of a space entirely yours, that’s easy to understand, trusted for what it is.

Call it talking, or positioning, or marketing, or selling, or branding if you like.

What it really is … knowing, liking, trusting.

Skippy strategy: What is it, where does it fit?