March 19, 2023

Muscling along


Yep, it’s done. 

The hand is shaken. The ink is dry. The engine’s warming up and the wheels are thinking about turning.

It’s done.

But is it really? 

There’s always some tidying up. Even after the signatures. Administration. Filing. Making sure the things that were supposed to happen actually do happen.

Call it follow through. Call it making everything worthwhile. Call it the real work.

Procurement, project management, mobilisation, operations, communications, relationships, delivery. Everything needs attention. Some need coaxing and cajoling and hustling and muscling along, others come naturally as soon as the flywheel starts spinning.

But that flywheel, it doesn’t get going on its own. A little nudge, and another, and another, and, and, and. Poking and prodding until everything’s in motion, moving together, getting it done.

And now … there’s time to think … about what comes next.

Skippy strategy: The hard work is done, now for the real work.