April 27, 2021

Natural time frame


Everybody has a natural time frame – the period that they’re most comfortable working with. 

For some of us, action oriented, living in the moment, it’s a day or five, we get frustrated with meetings and planning and wonder why we can’t just get on with it. What’s it? The subject of the last conversation we had.

Others live their life in parcels of a few weeks (maybe it’s from school days, focusing on the holidays at the end of a six week term). They’re happy working on the next big thing, as long as the next big thing is a thing that can be delivered in the next hundred days.

A few work with longer timeframes, even as they get things done. Building action after action to achieve a desired long-term change.

The trick is knowing who you’re talking to.

Skippy strategy: Work with the time frame in front of you.