March 26, 2016

News flow


Every job comes with it’s own special news flow. The little and big things that pass over that particular desk just because it’s there.

Some of those things demand to be shared. Critical news that shores-up a dependency, unpacks a blockage, oils a wheel. The kind of news that make a material difference to someone in the chain, that get’s bounced to the right place as soon as it comes across the line.

Then there’s the news that’s just found its rightful home. For immediate and local consumption, no one else needs to know, not personal so much as specific.

Thing is … even though it isn’t need-to-know, it might be good-to-know.

Sharing it gives a smiling, contented, more confident start to the week knowing that one emotion-boosting cog just clicked into place.

Skippy strategy: Share what you know would be good to share.