September 17, 2020

On their agenda


It’s possible, probable, that what you’re selling is enormously beneficial to a motivated customer. That, after the inevitable disruption, it will change the way they work, their life will get easier, their costs will go down, they’ll be more efficient and their team will appreciate the investment.

It’s possible, probable, that what you’re selling is the least important part of the equation. The only real question involves the motivation of the customer. They’ll make the right noises about an easier life, lowering their costs, improving efficiency and the importance of investing in their team. They might even say they accept the disruption risk. Noises, however, don’t always turn in to action.

Most important … is the benefit that you’re offering high enough on their agenda to warrant the cash and the disruption? Without the agenda, it’s just a nice chat.

Skippy strategy: Find out how high it is on their agenda.