November 20, 2021

One size


What’s the measure of a good manager?

Is it about hitting targets or ensuring the thing get’s done right? Is it to keep everything working smoothly, nearly all the time, with a motivated team who know their contribution and feel they’re valued? Are they all about holding everyone up to the process or down to the cost model?

On the assumption that there isn’t a one-size answer, what’s your answer? How would you choose to be measured? What yard-stick would you chose for your team? If you have those answers, have you had the conversation with the people on the other end of the stick?

One strong measure that points to a good manager is that they’ve had, and continue to have, this conversation with everyone around them – up, down and sideways – and they take actions that push towards the positive.

Skippy strategy: Be clear about the measures – then use them.