December 12, 2015

Part of the story


It may not be beautifully crafted or purposefully episodic, but everything that happens is part of the story.

There is no single version – everyone keeps their own dogeared copy in their own imperfect memory. But it adds up and there is a collective wisdom.

So if you’re habitually late and arrive ill-prepared … that’s the story.

If you win awards …

Bask too long in the glory …

(Everyone has an off day but) if you’re a suck-the-life-out-of-every-room Dementor, or a sparky-sparky Mrs Sparky …

Organisation work the same.

Follow through, fulfil on the promise, deliver with excellence, let things slide, leave rough edges, wobble under load …

Everything you say and everything you do … all part of the story. Make sure it one you’re happy to tell back home.

Skippy Strategy: The story plays out a thousand times a day. Consistency matters.