December 20, 2019

Point it north


It’s possible to set things up for failure, and set them up for success. After that, the project and the people do their thing – and that thing has the potential to bend in any direction, no matter where the compass point was set at the start. But … the set up is the greatest predictor of the direction of travel.

Point it north, (with care) and save for anything but a disaster or wilful sabotage, it will wind it’s way to the top third of the wheel.

Point it south, (with malice or negligence) and it takes a lot of time, talent and skilful manoeuvring to find its way back to true north.

What this means: put the planning and the kick off in the hands of people who’ve proven they know north. Keep it out of the hands of those who head south.

Skippy strategy: Trust the start to those who know north.