November 26, 2018

Project X


The shortest route to energise a project is to name it.

It’s the difference between … that initiative we’re trying to squeeze in to the space between every other project whilst continuing to do the day job … and Project X.

That initiative sounds like a lot of uninteresting work now that might just turn into a lot of uninteresting work for the foreseeable future.

Project X sounds like it could be fun, could actually have a start date and and end date, and might move the organisation forward in ways we can point at for the rest of our days.

Naming gives the project energy, focus, direction, and carves discernible time in diaries.

Dynamic names are obviously better than static names, and it’s handy if it fits.

Name then objective, or objective then name?

Doesn’t matter, but definitely both.

Skippy strategy: Give it a name, and you give it energy.