December 3, 2018

See the brilliance


Customers have a habit of missing your point whilst they’re, oh I don’t know, thinking of their own. They’re so wrapped up in the own agenda, trying to solve the problems that actually affect them, dealing with the issues that actually stop them taking opportunities, that they don’t  see the brilliance of your suggestions.



It’s the other way around.

You’re so wrapped up in your own brilliance, the cleverness of your technology and its potential to change the world, that you stopped listening, forgot to connect with the customer and what they’re dealing with and failed to make the link between the things they care about … and the things you care about.

The most important thing to the customer is … solving their own problems. 

The most important thing to you isn’t brilliance … it’s solving your customer’s problems.

Skippy strategy: Use your brilliance to connect with the customer’s agenda.