October 6, 2019

Send them home


You want a strong work ethic. You want your people to put in a shift, to take responsibility, to understand the importance of deadlines, to show their commitment. You want them to be motivated. You like that they go the extra mile. More than like it. You talk about (brag about it) it to your customers and competitors and prospects and investors.

And yet … you send them home.

You want a strong work ethic, but you don’t want burn out. You want them to put in a shift but you don’t want that to mean all-nighters all the time. You want them motivated but that doesn’t mean you want a stay late work the weekends culture.

You want them committed to the cause … and that cause is to do good work with perspective and a personal life.

It’s better for them (and it’s better for you).

Skippy strategy: Send them home.