May 8, 2017

Seventeen reasons


There are times – more often than is comfortable – when everyone knows something needs to change.

There are times – less often – when everyone knows how it needs to change.

There are times – once is too often, but it’s more common than that – when there’s only one person resisting the change, and they’re the one with the vested interest, and nobody does a damn thing anything about it because it’s too hard to push through.

They find seventeen reasons why the change shouldn’t happen, the prescription isn’t right, the timing is off, the technology isn’t ready, we don’t have the staff or the cash or even (now you think about it) any real need to do anything different at all. Let’s just stay with what we know.

And the world turns.

And it turns away from those that don’t change with it.

Skippy strategy: Find one reason. The one that gets to Yes.