May 7, 2017

Edge case


Two kinds of edge case: those you’re looking for, those that are looking for you.

You look for them … when you want to expand. It’s mining just off your usual map. Without fundamental changes, what is within reach? What else could be done with your stuff? Which new market could you enter with your existing product or after reasonably small changes? What else would have to change to enter the new territory?

You won’t even look … if you’re busy enough and happy with your lot.

They look for you … when their existing way doesn’t work and they’re being creative. They’re actively seeking out better, smarter, faster and they’ve exhausted the usual choices. They’re hunting for fresh thinking.

You’ll miss them … if you’re busy, happy, protecting the core, or focused on business as usual with no room for distractions.

For growth … the edge is where it’s at.

Skippy strategy: Pay attention to the edges.