September 26, 2021

Sit somewhere else


With regular meetings, the ones you have with your team as a matter of course, it’s likely you’ll fall into a routine. Everyone will sit in the same place, they’ll be their normal degrees of early or late, will have their standard beverage of choice in hand, josh with each other in the same way, bring their received perspective as they always do, and do their bit.

The date changed, we all know a little more, not much happened.

Sit somewhere else.

Instead of starting as you always start, mine for purpose. Why, really, are we here? What is the point of doing this every week, month, quarter? What do we get out of it and what would we like to get out of it? Is there a better format? Do we need the updates? Do we need the meeting at all?

Skippy strategy: Don’t assume the meeting makes sense.