September 13, 2021

Someone has to care


There’s the factory gate check. That final look, before the box is closed, to make sure all the parts are there and nothing’s been missed. It’s the “let’s not make fools of ourselves“ catchall. To get to that shipping stage, whether it’s a product or a service, it’s been through a lot of other stage gates, multiple phases, hand-off after hand-off, quality control, user acceptance, a bunch of places where intermediate issues have been caught and dealt with.

In a real factory, where repetition is king, the product is the process. That’s all you need.

Everywhere else, where variation and people are the norm – like software, or services, or customisation and bespoke – someone has to care about the whole. Someone has to care about the desired outcome. Someone has to care before the factory gate.

Who is that?

Skippy strategy: Someone has to care like the customer. Who is that?