July 26, 2020

Steady state


Things change. What was steady state, what has always been steady state, what everyone relies on as steady state, can change. Which means two things: look out for change even when nothing changes (in a not quite absent minded, just in case mode, like a flashing red light with only the tiniest squawking alert system); and, don’t assume it’s about you.

When things change, particularly when they’ve been reliable before, it’s easy to imagine it’s something about you or your team, or you did or didn’t do something. Which might be true, but it’s just as likely (more?) that it’s something outside your internal loop. Like when a reliable customer goes dark, it could be you, but it might be a change of personnel somewhere down the line, or a loss of funding, or an unrelated crisis that’s taking their attention.

Skippy strategy: First, find out what happened. Then react.