November 20, 2016

The doing business


You can turn somersaults in your mind. Leaps of imagination, back flips of creativity – conceived, planned and executed to perfection. An intellectual pursuit. Up there, in your head, it’s a thinking business. You’re wired for it … notion, plan, conjecture, abandon, repeat. It’s easy, knocked off in fifteen minutes and a half cup of coffee.

Some thinking might survive the caffeine, might make it to paper, might get shared with some smart cookies, might get discussed. Might even get through the decision cycle.

All part of the thinking business.

And that’s the work, right? Thinking things over and making decisions.

Yup. Kinda.

But. Not only.

The work is thinking things over, making decisions, and then pushing them into action and seeing them through.

All that thinking business … just a stepping stone to the real work, the impactful work, the making a difference work.

The doing business.

Skippy strategy: Get things done.