September 13, 2016

The hard bit #3

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The hard bit #4

Growth You’ve invented and sold the thing, and delivered the value the customer was buying. And now, the hardest job of all: repeat, repeat, repeat. With…



So you invented it, and sold it. Now comes the bit you have even less control over … delivery.

Some of that is actually shipping the product or giving the service.

For products, it starts with the joys of production and ends with logistics. Each, a lesson in humility and zen patience as the rest of the world turns slower and with less flow that you’d like. The trick, stay on it and take nothing for granted.

For services, it’s in confidence, knowing your schtick, and presence.

For both: quality.

Underlying it all, the really hard bit here … delivering the value you promised in the sales phase.

You weren’t selling an advert, an app, a car. It was a warm prospect, a better photograph, self actualisation.

Delivery is even more about the value than what’s written on the invoice.

Skippy strategy: Make it easy for them to get the value.


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