March 7, 2017

The meeting


Every now and again. Rarely. Too rarely …

The meeting, whether it’s the one you prayed for or simply lucked into, nails it.


Ohhhh. That’s how it is!

It can be tough to take, rocking you back, pushing against past choices that were difficult to take and harder to implement. Making you question whether you’re heading in even vaguely the right direction, let alone on the right track. Adding that little bit of insight that clears the clouds and brings the playground in to sharp relief. Making you doubt how and why you got here.

But here you are, and now you know.

Despite the intermediate steps, there are only two options: denial or acceptance.

Will you act on how the world really is, or carry on in the hope that where you’re heading is good enough anyway?

The blue pill, or the red pill.

Skippy strategy: Deal in reality.