February 25, 2019

The simplest


You have a sophisticated and fully featured understanding of your world. You know what is in play, why it’s there, who’s working on it and how everything got to where it’s at. You understand the nuances buried in the woodwork. You appreciate the subtleties and the compromises and the conditions when they became embedded.

Few other people do, and, for most of them, it doesn’t matter. They care about today. What they have to do, and where it fits into the bigger picture.

So try writing that down.

Not the version that impresses everyone with how clever and sophisticated things are … but the most direct.

The simplest, back to basics version of the plan. The three slides only plan, two maybe. The most straightforward and still meaningful description of what’s going on and how it hangs together.

Skippy strategy: You need the nuance, just not all the time.