April 1, 2020

This and this


You can try being nice, try your bestest smile, try selling or being angry. Sometimes the only way to get the kind of attention that you need is to lay all the issues on the table as dispassionately and directly as possible.

This and this and this.

Then deal with what comes next.

What comes next is normally clarification, argument, debate, dispute, analysis, interpretation, correction and every other kind of engagement that adds the kind of colour and weight that brings things further into the light.

Then you’ll know. You know where they stand, they’ll know where you stand, you’ll all have the greatest possible command of the facts and a pretty good idea about how they’re being interpreted and by whom. 

You’ll know who’s heels are dug and who’s opening their mind.

Now all you have to do is deal with it.

Skippy strategy: This and this, then pay attention.