July 16, 2019

Thoughtful commitments


When it’s prickly, when we’re operating outside of our comfort zone, when we’re not sure what to do now or next or that we could pull it off even if we did … we fall back into our established patterns of behaviour.

The salespeople try to sell their way out, the product developers lock themselves in the workshop, some of us bury ourselves in code or spreadsheets or beating up our suppliers.

Find new patterns.

Sit down, slow down, out think the problems.

What would happen if … you said No instead of Yes, you asked for help, you consulted with your colleagues, you out real work into the team instead of working in the team?

What that looks like: a candid conversation with the people you trust and rely on, and thoughtful commitments based on what you learn.

Skippy strategy: When it’s getting prickly, slow down and only make thoughtful commitments.