May 15, 2021

Time and tongue


It can be frustrating having to walk a customer through their own internal process explaining all the steps they’ve taken along the way, before they agree that things are as you say. You walk, you explain, you point out, there is insight, there are ah-ha moments, and at the end of the line, you’re right back where you started.

The difference? They’re standing right there with you.

Frustrating, possibly.

Annoying, only if you let it.

Time wastin, not at all.

Your job, maybe the most important job, is to ensure that all of the right people are standing together, looking at the same page, pointing in the same direction, with a clear idea of what comes next.

If that takes a little extra time, and even if costs a little tongue-biting, it’s time and tongue well spent.

Skippy strategy: Give the time to get everyone standing together.