March 21, 2020

Wasting their time


There are people, you’ve met them, I’ve met them, who don’t seem to be doing much. Or, being more charitable, they’re busy, but it’s difficult to see how they’re contributing at the centre of things. Or, being kinder, they must be making some kind of difference but we can’t see what it is. Less kind, they’re wasting their time.

That’s not good for them and they must have middle of the night moments when they wonder what they’re doing.

It’s not good for anyone else. Partly because, err, lack of value add. Partly because it’s wasted resource. Partly because every moment anyone is thinking about it, they’re not doing something more productive themselves.

For everyone, make it clear how what they do contributes to the bigger picture. Tell them, tell everyone else. And if you can’t … time for a change.

Skippy strategy: Make it clear where and why they fit.