November 2, 2021

We chose this


Amongst all the stresses of building teams and bringing new things to the world, there come moments when it all gets too much. When we wonder why we do it or whether it’s worth it or moan that there must be an easier way.

Thing is, we chose this.

The broken nights, the people issues, the intransigent problems, the difficult relationships, the underwhelming suppliers, the uncaring partners, the troublesome technologies – the every damn thing –  are exactly the things we signed up to when we started on this track.

There’s no point in wishing it away, it’s the work.

So it’s ok to sink your face in your hands every once in a while. Arghhh! Then you pick your head up, open your note book, pull your best team together and work the problem. Because that’s what we do.

Skippy strategy: We chose this, so buckle in and keep on trucking.