April 27, 2018

What they’re saying


There’s what they’re saying, what they think they’re saying, and what you think they’re saying.

What they’re saying – words come out of their mouths or fingertips with inherent and implicit meaning. They’re considered or chosen in the moment. Their specific purpose is to communicate – which implies an intent of clarity.

What they think they’re saying – the words have more than their dictionary meaning; they’re strung together in this way on this occasion in this order to make a point, to get something across, for the benefit of both parties. But the speaker is partial, privy to their internal dialogue, and uses words in their own way.

What you think they’re saying – you squash everything through your internal filter. You hear through interpretation, you screen for intention and trust and politics and deceit and enthusiasm.

And it works both ways.

Skippy strategy: Speaker or listener … check for meaning and clarity.